Horticulture Field Day: The People’s Picks

2005 – 2015 Complete List of Winners            Field Day Sponsors

The votes have been tallied for the People’s Picks™ 2015, a fun Field Day tradition, and were separated by gender.

Thanks again to the attendees that made for such a great Field Day and a hearty thanks to the sponsors that helped make it possible!

The top choices (4 votes or more) are listed below.

Votes Crop Cultivar or Common Name Company
35 Petunia, Trailing Tidal Wave Red Velour PanAmerican Seed
32 Zinnia Solmar Red Floranova
19 Hibiscus Summer Storm Proven Winners
15 Petunia, Trailing Supertunia Violet Star Charm Proven Winners
12 Hibiscus Honeymoon White with Eye Floranova
11 Tecoma Orange
10 Cuphea Vermillionaire Proven Winners
10 Hibiscus Honeymoon Deep Red Floranova
10 Hibiscus Peppermint Flare
10 Impatiens, New Guinea SunPatiens Spreading Variegated White Sakata
9 Cleome Senorita Blanca Imp Proven Winners
9 Phlox Parson’s Selection
8 Salvia Ablazin Purple Lighthouse Proven Winners
8 Zinnia Solmar Scarlet Floranova
7 Crinum Lily Ellen Bosanquet
7 Petunia, Trailing Supertunia Rose Blast Charm Proven Winners
6 Calibrachoa Superbells Holy Moly! Proven Winners
6 Impatiens, New Guinea SunPatiens Spreading Salmon Sakata
6 Petunia, Trailing Sweetunia Black Satin Dümmen Group
6 Salvia Black and Bloom Ball Flora Plant
6 Salvia Mystic Spires Blue Ball Flora Plant
6 Verbena bonarienses Meteor Shower Proven Winners
6 Verbena bonariensis Pompous Purple EuroAmerican
5 Asclepias curassavica Mexican Butterfly Weed
5 Canna Pink Sunburst
5 Echinacea From Jack Quisenberry
5 Hibiscus Lord Baltimore
5 Impatiens, New Guinea SunPatiens Spreading Tropical Orange Sakata
5 Impatiens, New Guinea Big Bounce Lavender Selecta
5 Ocimum Balsamic Blooms EuroAmerican
5 Petunia, Trailing Supertunia Vista Bubblegum Proven Winners
4 Canna Tropicana
4 Canna Striped Beauty
4 Dianthus Jolt Cherry PanAmerican Seed
4 Petunia, Trailing Supertunia Morning Glory Charm Proven Winners
4 Petunia, Trailing Supertunia Indigo Charm Proven Winners
4 Petunia, Trailing Supertunia Picasso in Burgundy Proven Winners
4 Petunia, Trailing Supertunia Vista Fuchsia Proven Winners
4 Phlox John Fanick
4 Purslane Mojave Fuchsia Proven Winners
4 Rose Grandmas Yellow
4 Rubeckia Unknown Species
4 Thunbergia battescombei Sky Flower

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